Research quality, 2021-present

I collaborated with Dr. Danny Godin, a fellow professor of design, to develop a framework for discussing and positioning research quality in design. Our article is shortlisted for inclusion in the Design Studies journal research notes collection. Design Studies is the highest ranked academic design journal.

There is no consensus on how to judge the quality of Research Through Design (RTD) projects, which makes them difficult to plan and evaluate. In response, this study provides a framework for discussing and positioning RTD projects in terms of quality. It draws from theory on research quality and an original analysis of 25 RTD papers to identify how known quality indicators are applied. Our findings show that most papers align with these indicators, especially those associated with pragmatist research. Nonetheless, there are opportunities to enrich discussions on quality in RTD and we propose recommendations to this end. These recommendations can support more mindful and transparent project planning and reporting, and better assessment of and discussions on quality.

Related work:

  • Presenting in an upcoming workshop on research quality at the Design Research Society Festival of Emergence 2021
  • “What is Design Research in 2021?” – chaired session at the College Art Association Conference 2021 (CAA 2021) on behalf of the Design Research Society

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